Friday, February 13, 2015

Special Hanbok Experience in Seoul, Korea

Special Hanbok(Korean Traditional Costume) Experience in Seoul

Special Hanbok Experience in Seoul, Korea
Looking for a Hanbok experience at various landmarks in Seoul? Oneday Hanbok offers Outdoor Hanbok Experience which is more special than an Indoor Experience! You deserve something more special!
Oneday Hanbok provide various types of Hanbok in varying sizes [male (S~XL) and female (XS~XXL)]. Additionally, Hanboks for children are also available.

What's the process?

1. Plan your own Hanbok experience session

Choose your preferred Hanbok location (such as the royal palaces in Seoul or the Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggdi). Do note that special benefits (such as discounts and free entrances) are available for

2. Book your Hanbok fitting

Done with planning your Hanbok session? Please let us know in advance!
Just let us know the Booking details (Name, Date & Time, Number of people)
Booking isn't a requirement, but we recommend you to make a booking in order to have priority when you arrive at the shop.
You can use [contact form] on our website ( or directly send an mail to with the booking details.

3. Coming to Oneday Hanbok

Arrived to Seoul? Visit Oneday Hanbok to choose your favorte Hanbok.
Oneday Hanbok will do our best to find your favorite Hanbok!
Your Hanbok is chosen? Then get your favorite Hanbok Accessories for free.
After filling up the Hanbok rental contract form, It’s time to take the Hanbok and head to your preferred location.

4. Enjoy your Hanbok session

Enjoy your Hanbok at the place that you wanted!
Try to find your favorite background and capture it with your Hanbok
But please be careful about the bottom part of the skirt.

5. Return your Hanbok

After enjoying your Hanbok, You can return your Hanbok at Oneday Hanbok.
But, if you have a tight schedule, please ask for return pick-up service in advance. refer to “extra services” for more information.

Find out more about Hanbok Rental at

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